Why are there multiple languages on our site?

It’s not a bug. We publish in English, French, and Japanese. Think of this site as the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars, but with more than one song.

At All Turtles, we believe that true brilliance is rare but evenly distributed throughout the world. That’s why we have people in multiple countries; Australia, England, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, and the United States; and official AT offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, and Paris.

The All Turtles website is here to bring you news and perspective from everywhere we work. We’re a polyglot company, and we want our site to reflect that. Many of our readers (and our employees) can understand English plus one of the other languages on the site, but very few can understand all three. As we get bigger, we’ll get better at translating our content into multiple languages, but there probably always will be something that not everyone can understand.

We like it this way. The world is big and diverse, and it’s useful to remind our brains that we don’t grok all of it.

We’re not sure if anyone has tried this approach before. Let us know what you think!

– Phil Libin
Co-Founder and CEO, All Turtles
June 2018, Paris