All Turtles Podcast Episode 4: Butter

Riding a rollercoaster, taking a leap of faith, and launching a rocket are just some of the phrases used to describe the challenge of starting a company. Your hosts Phil Libin, Jessica Collier, and Blaise Zerega dive into the day-to-day realities of being a cofounder to reveal the importance of communication, problem solving, and good, old-fashioned hard work. Along the way, they check-in with Jack Hirsch, CEO of, to hear what he’s learned two months after launch. Also, they debunk the gospel of the technical cofounder and describe their interactions with AI while watching HBO, conversing with Replika, and typing in iMessage.

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Listener questions

Why is Blaise’s Replika a female? (31:22)

Do startups need a technical co-founder? (32:59)

How do people apply to the All Turtles startup studio? (35:40)

Everyday interactions with AI

Sir, your Grammarly is showing (38:29)

John Oliver, President Trump, and AI (40:36)

TFW your generative keyboard trolls you (41:35)

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