All Turtles Podcast Episode 27: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Programming School

Imagine if you could skip college and learn to program for free. Kwame Yamgnane, co-founder and managing director of 42 Silicon Valley, joins this episode to describe how his school’s tuition-free approach to coding instruction is disrupting higher education. Your hosts also examine the importance of physical dexterity when considering AI for IKEA furniture assembly and Tesla’s manufacturing process. And drumroll, please: We announce our next book club selection. (Hint: It’s not Norse Mythology.)

Show Notes

Welcome (0:45)

All Turtles Book Club selection (1:48)

Conversational Design by Erika Hall (available for purchase at A Book Apart)

Join the book discussion on the All Turtles subreddit.

Discussion: AI, physical dexterity, and robotic automation (3:14)

Robots assembling IKEA furniture (The Economist) (3:21)

Elon Musk admits to excessive automation at Tesla factory (Futurism) (5:10)

Elon Musk says that “humans are underrated” (The Next Web) (5:40)

Video of trained eagles taking down drones (YouTube) (7:00)

Video of drone dexterity from ETH Zurich (YouTube) (7:12)

Guest: Kwame Yamgnane, co-founder and managing director of 42 Silicon Valley (12:02)

42 Silicon Valley (12:08)

42 Paris (20:40)

42 Silicon Valley admissions (22:36)

Documentary series Foundation about Station F, and part 1 of our analysis (31:07)

Listener questions (36:54)

Is Israel on All Turtles’ roadmap? Why did you choose Paris and Tokyo as the next locations (other than San Francisco) for All Turtles offices? (37:08)

I was wondering if you have an internship program, and if not, whether you plan to take on interns in the future? (40:01)

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