All Turtles Podcast Episode 26: Crash

Public discourse around artificial intelligence continues to focus on self-driving cars, especially in the wake of fatal crashes. Yet data shows autonomous vehicles to be significantly safer than those controlled by people. One day, perhaps soon, the notion of human drivers will seem as absurd as child chimney sweeps. This episode also includes a rant about security questions, “advice to politicians” about immigration, and listener questions about All Turtles in Mexico City and Spot’s research.


Show Notes

Welcome (0:46)

Book club nominations (1:10)

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Blaise’s pick: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman (1:16)

Jessica’s pick: Conversational Design by Erika Hall (1:58)

Phil’s pick: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman (2:27)

Rant: The problem with security questions (3:16)

Time to kill security questions — or answer them with lies (Wired)

Discussion: Self-driving cars and AI (6:36)

How a self-driving Uber killed a pedestrian in Arizona (New York TImes) (6:41)

Tesla: Autopilot was on during deadly Mountain View crash (San Jose Mercury News) (6:47)

Advice to politicians: tariffs and immigration (17:16)

Trump announces tariff on Chinese imports (CNN) (17:42)

Trump wants to build a 30-ft-high wall at Mexican border (CNBC) (17:44)

Coding school in Mexico for students who were pushed out of the U.S. (Wall Street Journal) (17:57)

Coding bootcamps in Mexico (EdSurge) (17:57)

Listener questions (26:57)

The Mexican Entrepreneurship Association recommended you as the best incubator for AI projects. Do you cover Mexico City? If so, can one work remotely? (27:03)

Mexican Entrepreneurship Association (28:29)

Does Spot plan to make its research publicly available? It would be interesting to read statistics about harassment by industry, gender, age, etc. Whatever (if anything) is appropriate to share. (29:05)

Episode 15: Conversation with Spot’s Dr. Julia Shaw (29:07)

Spot (31:00)

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