All Turtles Podcast Episode 25: Testworld

Pundits and politicians are stirring up fears about an artificial intelligence “arms race” between nations. But AI projects should be judged by the products they develop and the problems they solve, rather than their countries of origin. Joining the show is UX expert Susan Farrell to discuss user testing and her paper, “Computer-Assisted Embarrassment.”

Show notes

Welcome (0:42)

Discussion: AI as an arms race between US and China (Russia, too) (1:48)

China’s plans to be world’s leader in AI by 2030 (New York Times) (2:05)

Putin: “Artificial intelligence is the future” (Wired) (2:30)

China vs. the U.S. as an AI “showdown” (Technology Review) (2:45)

China’s remote-controlled vehicles (Defense News) (2:49)

France’s $1.8B to fund a national program around AI development (Reuters) (4:55)

Macron positioning France to use AI for people, not companies (Technology Review) (5:04)

Google employees want their company to withdraw from Pentagon contracts, AI being used in drones (New York Times) (8:22)

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Guest: Susan Farrell, UX Research and Strategy at All Turtles (13:13)

Susan’s paper Computer-Assisted Embarrassment (18:49)

Listener questions (40:54)

I’m a listener to your Podcast in South Africa. Do you work with non-profits? And how would you work with someone in South Africa? (40:58)

Fast Forward, the accelerator for tech non-profits (43:40)

Do you have any plan to visit Mexico or establish an office in Mexico? How should entrepreneurs in Mexico embrace artificial Intelligence? (45:22)

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