All Turtles Podcast Episode 23: Ghost in the Shell

Artificial intelligence may never do away with life’s two guarantees: death and taxes. But AI is changing the way people process them; memorial chatbots, for example, can take a loved one’s emails, social media, texts, and videos to create a digital facsimile of the dearly departed. And there are so many ways that AI, in theory, could make paying taxes less painful. Along the way hosts Phil Libin, Jessica Collier, and Blaise Zerega respond to listener questions about Walmart’s patent for drone bees and AI in France.

Show notes


Ready Player One trailer (1:37)

Isle of Dogs trailer (1:45)

Dogs in the All Turtles office (1:58)

Listener correction (2:45)

All Turtles Podcast Episode 21, where “barrel” instead of “bunch” was used to describe those affected by the actions of one bad individual (skip to 16:30)

Memorial chatbots discussion (4:42)

Swedish funeral agency seeks participants for memorial chatbots (4:50)

Wired cover story on James Vlahos’s Dadbot (5:53)

The Verge story on Eugenia Kyuda’s Roman bot (6:40)

Shameless plug (19:33)

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Taxes and practical AI (20:58)

IRS Audits Drop To Lowest Level Since 2002 news report on WBUR(21:19)

H&R Block using Watson to process tax returns (21:54)

Credit Karma using AI (21:59)

Conversation with Josh Browder from DoNotPay from Episode 21 (skip to 14:34) (22:27)

Listener questions (29:11)

What’s up with Walmart patenting drone bees? Do they really intend on stepping into the AI arena, or do you think it’s just a ploy to remain relevant to consumers in a retail apocalypse environment? (29:20)

Last week, President Macron of France made a public announcement of €1.5 billion to support AI projects and called for the creation of a national program. Previously, he attended the opening of Station F and has been very public of his support for tech. What’s All Turtles’ French strategy, and how will it give value and visibility to French developers in light of this recent news? (31:01)

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