All Turtles Podcast Episode 19: Chucky

How close are we to an “Infocalypse” when AI-created audio and video present an alternative version of history? What happens to trust when facts are indistinguishable from fiction? Who controls the message? It’s a topic with roots in an early American novel when the fear wasn’t AI, but — get this — ventriloquism. Hosts Phil Libin, Jessica Collier, and Blaise Zerega debate the potential for this scenario and possible solutions. They also explain why the studio model is well-suited for building AI products. Listener questions include the origins of the All Turtles name and whether we’re living in a simulation.


Show notes

The threat of AI-generated audio and video to produce fake news (01:32)

He Predicted The 2016 Fake News Crisis. Now He’s Worried About An Information Apocalypse. (Buzzfeed)

Synthesizing Obama: Learning Lip Sync from Audio — video teaser (YouTube)

Synthesizing Obama: Learning Lip Sync from Audio (University of Washington)

Wieland and Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist by Charles Brockden Brown (Goodreads)

Fake Voices Will Become Worryingly Accurate (The Rand Blog)

Discussion of Human voice or AI-generated voice? (Episode 14, 18:17)

Defining your terms: Studio (12:16)

The Silicon Valley method isn’t enough: A better way to build products by Phil Libin (All Turtles)

Phil Libin exits General Catalyst for All Turtles, a new AI ‘startup studio’ (TechCrunch)

Listener questions (20:18)

Where does the name All Turtles come from and why don’t you have more fun with it? (20:18)

Are we living in a simulation? (24:04)

Elon Musk on Simulation Theory, at Code Conference 2016 (YouTube)

A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe (Poetry Foundation)

Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard (Goodreads)


Paul Hardcastle’s 1985 song “19” (YouTube)

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