All Turtles Podcast Episode 17: Police Academy 2

At age 42, after co-founding one of the world’s largest wireless carriers and taking it public, Augie Fabela enrolled at a police academy. Today, Fabela serves as a Chief of Police for the Cook County’s Sheriff Department. Hosts Phil Libin, Jessica Collier, and Blaise Zerega talk with Chief Fabela about using community engagement to reduce gun violence, including an esports project (with involvement from All Turtles). In a “Maybe it’s kinda B.S.” segment, your hosts dissect so-called ID theft protection services. Listener questions include ways to learn new things and to become more efficient.

Show notes

Phil Libin: “I retire a joke.” (0:20)

Time travel (Wikipedia)

ID theft protection: Maybe it’s kinda bullshit? (2:59)

Millions of People Post Comments on Federal Regulations. Many Are Fake. (Wall Street Journal)

LifeLock (company website)

Credit Karma (company website)

Part two of our conversation with Augie Fabela, Co-founder and CEO of, and Chief of Police at the Cook County Sheriff’s Department (10:16)

Augie K. Fabela II bio (LinkedIn)

DECIDE: Tactical Crisis Decision Making: A Framework For Law Enforcement by Augie Fabela (Amazon)

On Chicago’s South Side, Shootings Are Way Down…And Here’s The Reason Why (HuffPost)

(Left to right) Sheriff of Cook County Tom Dart, All Turtles CEO Phil Libin, Chief of Police at the Cook County Sheriff Department Augie Fabela. (company website)

Listener questions

What tactics do you use for learning new things and being more efficient? (30:14)

Halo Neuroscience (company website)

What are you looking for in founders who want to join All Turtles? (38:38)

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