All Turtles Podcast Episode 11: Batteries Not Included

We check in with Octane AI cofounder and COO Ben Parr about bots and ecommerce, and the surprising ways parrots may help build company culture. Along the way hosts Phil Libin, Jessica Collier, and Blaise Zerega question the importance of boards of directors in a segment called, “Maybe it’s kinda bullshit?” They also discuss whether design can address ethical concerns for AI and what the demise of Facebook M means for chatbots.

Show notes

Boards of directors: Maybe it’s kinda bullshit? (1:40)

The Board’s Most Important Function (Harvard Business Review)

The Board of Directors: Role and Responsibilities (Fred Wilson,

Interview with Ben Parr, Octane AI cofounder and COO (13:01)

Octane AI

Automating Your Sales (MSNBC)

Cult of the Party Parrot

Listener Questions

How do you think about AI and ethical challenges, and how do you help studio companies think about them? (34:11)

It was just announced that Facebook is killing Facebook M. What does that mean for the AI industry? (40:07)

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