Seth, Willie Wonka, and Dreamers (Issue 33)

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All Turtles Paris

Phil All Turtles Paris Station F

We begin with an announcement: All Turtles officially began European operations this week with the opening of our Paris location. The launch event took place Wednesday evening at Station F, where our office is based. The evening included a series of fireside chats that introduced five of our product teams: Chatterbox, FastForward,, Spot, and Sunflower Labs. Watch the event on Facebook.

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Imagine that

“Come with me and you’ll be / In a world of pure imagination.” So begins the iconic song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory introducing the magical world Willy Wonka’s inventive mind designed. Computers, comparatively, are more limited in their abilities to conceive of new realms. While they are still far from constructing chocolate factories on their own, a new program from DeepMind has demonstrated the ability to “imagine.” DeepMind can predict what a scene would look like from a new angle once it has learned what it looks like from other angles.

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American dream

All entrepreneurs are “dreamers,” but startup founder Victor Santos has an additional connection to that label: he’s a DACA recipient. Santos’ financial services company, Airfox, employs 20 people, has around 10,000 users, and raised $16.5 million in funding. Yet if DACA is repealed, all of that could disappear. “A lot of DACA recipients, including myself, are very scared all the time,” Santos said. “We don’t know what’s going to happen.” He’s living the dream, but his undercurrent of fear is the stuff of nightmares.

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AI becomes more sophisticated every day, and it now has the ability to generate authentic-seeming fake video, called deepfakes. To combat this, SUNY researchers developed a better way to detect falsified video. They focused on the way people look when they blink on camera, since deepfake videos–which employ a deep learning method to replace one person’s face with another in a video–are unable to simulate natural-looking blinking. But once deepfakes are able to replicate that function, the detectors will have to keep up. It’s a rapidly-paced game of cat and mouse with high stakes; we’ve seen the dire consequences of the proliferation of fake news.

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Data directives

At the intersection of machine learning and entrepreneurship lies an important question: How exactly should businesses go about incorporating ML into their company operations? It begins with data literacy. It’s a competency that many workforces lack, but there are steps that can be taken to re-orient workflows to include high-quality data. Ultimately, data collection and cleaning efforts are long-term processes, but acquiring good data is the key to unlocking ML and AI’s productivity potential.

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A Moveable Feast

Drawn to Paris for its burgeoning startup scene, your hosts speak with Edoardo Manitto, Managing Director of All Turtles Paris, on the eve of our Paris office opening. La Ville-Lumière (The City of Lights) is home to highly-skilled talent, smart investors, and a visa program that welcomes skilled immigrants. The first AT Paris product teams hail from across Europe and are addressing such problems as sexual harassment, language learning, and home security. All Turtles Paris is located at Station F.

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