All Turtles launches at Station F in Paris

San Francisco. Tokyo. Paris.

Three fairly iconic cities, no?

And, navigationally (that is, by the Earth’s longitudes), these landmark cities are somewhat evenly distributed across the globe. I like to think that was an intentional choice (it was) and not just because they’re really great places to be (they are).

This global-from-the-start organization is a key feature of our identity. We like to say that genius-level talent is evenly distributed across the world, but that opportunity is randomly concentrated in a handful of specific hubs. It’s a favorite saying of Mitch and Freada Kapor, and it’s become an internal mantra for us.

So we’re entrusting the development of our Paris operation at Station F — the world’s largest startup megacampus — to Edoardo Manitto, former vice-president of Lafayette Innovation. Edoardo told me, “France has a pool of outstanding entrepreneurs and developers. But many of them are unfortunately overwhelmed by company tasks unrelated to their product. The quality of the founders we started working with is amazing, and we expect to accelerate this fast.”

Station F is the perfect place for us to move quickly. It’s the latest project from Xavier Niel, billionaire French tech founder of several Internet companies, as well as 42 — the free coding school based in Paris and Silicon Valley. Niel is an investor in All Turtles.

Station F has thousands of great tech people flowing in and out of it every day including individual founders, significant startups, iconic global tech companies, major French brands like LVMH, and investors. It’s really a sight to see.

In fact, we’re launching at Station F with 5 projects from across Europe with Paris serving as a central hub.

The All Turtles Products in Europe

Sunflower Labs is a fully autonomous drone-based security system that combines outdoor sensors with an aerial camera for a complete view of what’s going on around your home. Sunflower’s team is based in Zurich and the company’s founder, Alex Pachikov, was on Evernote’s founding team.

Fast Forward is revolutionizing the customer experience for the 4 billion-person mobile prepaid market. Customers can use messenger apps to access their accounts, top up phone plans, share data, and more. Fast Forward has team members all over the globe, including Amsterdam and Chicago. Augie Fabela, the company’s CEO,  co-founded mobile carrier VEON, took it public, and grew it into one of the world’s largest telco companies.

Spot is the best way to report workplace harassment and discrimination without talking to a human. Spot’s co-founders are based in Berlin, Zurich, and London. matches event organizers with new voices and speakers who are interested, qualified, and available. The team, with CEO Loic Lemur and COO Christine Foote, is based in Paris.

Chatterbox trains and employs refugees to teach their native language in a booming online and in-person language learning industry. The company’s founder, Mursal Hedayat, is based in London.

We’re really excited to show you more! We’ll be streaming our Paris launch event live on our Facebook page at 1830 hrs local time, 0930 Pacific.